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Deputy Recap: Fox’s New Police Procedural Knows Where To Hang Its Hat
here’s something pretty refreshing about Deputy (Fox), which is network TV of an entirely unpretentious variety. On the one hand, it’s littered with cliche, an uncomplicated fascination with and respect for law enforcement, and has little concern for the wider world beyond its bleached, contemporized Wild West aesthetic and style.

But on the other hand, that’s what a lot of people want from network television, which is always at its worst when it chases the next big prestige hit rather than admitting what it’s most suited to — being a reliable delivery mechanism for dependable stars and familiar, comforting ideas.

Original Title : Deputy Season 1 Episode 1 — Graduation Day
Genre : Western, Drama, Crime
Air Date : 2020-01-02
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Overview : When Los Angeles’ newly elected sheriff dies, Bill Hollister is suddenly propelled into the role and must lead one of the largest police forces in the world.

There’s nothing wrong with the kind of experience that Deputy provides. Its straightforward tale of maverick lawman Bill Hollister (Stephen Dorff) reluctantly assuming the mantel of Los Angeles County Sheriff when his predecessor dies suddenly of a heart attack is the classic setup of a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist getting things done the old-fashioned way, much to the chagrin of his colleagues, judges, lawyers, and the criminals he hunts down. Deputy Episode 1, “Graduation Day”, makes good on its promise of consistent procedural entertainment with healthy dollops of action interspersed with macho grumbling about red tape and responsibility.

And there’s every chance the show can retain this energy. It doesn’t waste time with pontificating or lecturing its audience, and it has that patina of dulled Fox edginess which lets it skirt around the lines of what’s expected and acceptable, pushing them here and there, without descending into insufferable message-mongering or try-hard boundary-pushing.

It’s just a solid cop show with a bit of an attitude, and there is absolutely an audience for it.

There will be, though, a portion of that audience who want a bit more from their entertainment, and Deputy Season 1, Episode 1 isn’t interested in providing it. Those who like it will know immediately and be immune to dissent; those who don’t will be as quick to form their opinion, and nothing here will change it.

The show being essentially review-proof can only work in its favor, as can how content it is to simply be exactly what it says on the tin. It might not win any gold star awards for innovation, but it’s content to pin its accolades on someone sworn to uphold the long-held traditions of unfussy network genre fare. And you can’t be mad at that.


Dracula review: Passion project from Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss adds fresh wit and energy to the vampire legend

Claes Bang’s Dracula is given a vaguely geezerish Estuary swagger, and never seems as if he’s not enjoying himself, although he dials up the menace when it’s needed. Like all the best hosts, he puts us ease, even as he commits ever more atrocious crimes

Original Title : Dracula Season 1 Episode 3 — The Dark Compass
Genre : Drama
Air Date : 2020-01-03
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Overview : Count Dracula has made it to England – a new world pulsing with fresh blood – and lays his plans to spread his foul vampire contagion. But why does he set his sights on the seemingly ordinary Lucy Westenra?

What happened in this episode?I have a summary for you.

Dracula episode 2: 8 big questions we have after Blood Vessel
What does that ending mean? How did Agatha survive? And was that another Sherlock reference?

The second episode of Dracula took Claes Bang’s vampire to sea, where a crew of unlucky passengers on the sailing ship The Demeter became his new larder en route to England while Dolly Wells’ Sister Agatha learned a lot more about her new foe.

And by the end of the 90-minute adventure, just like after the first episode, we were left with an awful lot of questions about what could come next in writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ new horror adaptation.

How is Agatha still alive?
More perplexing than the Count’s survival, though, is that of Sister Agatha, who appears on the beach to greet her old sparring partner to England.

“Welcome to England, Count Dracula,” she says. “What kept you?”

Speaking without her Dutch accent, wearing modern clothes and apparently in command of the police arriving, Agatha’s clearly been busy since we last saw her – but how is she still alive?

Well, as far as we can tell there are two options. The most obvious is that Agatha, despite her best efforts, still succumbed to the Count’s infection, became an undead vampire and has survived the past 120 years or so as a fellow immortal.

Something about this doesn’t quite ring true, however. It’s hard to imagine Agatha, a woman willing to kill herself to prevent the contagion spreading to England, instead happily setting up shop, feasting on the blood of intelligent people (to keep her mind sharp) and generally existing as a vampire for all this time. What would make her different from Count Dracula in that regard?

Sure, she could have found some less destructive way to keep herself alive as a vampire, but it’s hard to see how – the series has been quite clear that the Count has only retained so much of his humanity from choosing victims carefully – or why she’d take the risk anyway.

On the other hand, it could be that Agatha became some other form of undead who doesn’t require blood to live – the Count noted it was an inexact science – and has dedicated her newly lengthened life to protecting the world from the Count, if and when he should return.

On the other other hand, it could be that this isn’t the Agatha we know at all. Perhaps this version of Dolly Wells’ character is a descendant of the original (yes, she was a nun, but we all have a past), tasked with carrying on her vampire-battling ways over a hundred years on. She has a different accent, after all.

How will the story continue in the 21st Century?
The BBC has remained tight-lipped about Dracula’s third episode from the off, and now we can see why – as we predicted, the story has been brought to the present day despite regular denials from the creators.

But how will this twist work? Currently, all we know about episode three comes from the official synopsis, which seems fairly close to Stoker’s original book storyline.

Count Dracula has made it to England – a new world pulsing with fresh blood – and lays his plans to spread his foul vampire contagion.

But why does he set his sights on the seemingly ordinary Lucy Westenra? And who on earth is left to stop him?

Presumably, Lucy Westenra (a key character in the novel who’s friends with Mina and becomes a victim of Dracula) is a present-day woman in this retelling, and it seems likely she’s being played by Lydia Wilson given that she’s one of the few announced cast members yet to appear thus far.

Other cast members we could expect in The Dark Compass include Being Human’s Lyndsey Marshal and Vienna Blood’s Matthew Beard (and yes, both those past examples of work were chosen carefully).

If Dracula is arrested by Agatha, how does he escape to attack Lucy? Will his plans change now that he’s been so long delayed? And how can the whole series end in just one more episode?

Happily, we don’t have long to find out…

Dracula concludes on BBC One on Friday 3rd January at 9pm


WATCH Dracula Season 1 Episode 2 “Blood Vessel” Online Free HD. Series 1 – Dracula Drama, Episode “Blood Vessel” | 90 min | 01:30:26 | 2020-01-02 | | Total Episodes .

Original Title : Dracula Season 1 Episode 2 — Blood Vessel
Genre : Drama
Air Date : 2020-01-02
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Overview : The crew aboard the Russian ship, The Demeter, are locked in a life-or-death struggle to stop Count Dracula before he reaches England.

What happened in this episode?I have a summary for you.