Restaurant of hotel lake view plaza occupies a large part of the hotel in the ground floor. As aresult it can serve a large number of guests at the same time. With an architectural character that combines tradition with modernity, the garden restaurant is a symbol of quality and good taste. The wealthy and assorted menu offers multinational cuisine and selected menus especially continental, indian, thai, chinese and other famous delicious
dishes by renowned chef from our hygienic and modern kitchen.

room services

whether a light snack, a bowl of soup or an elegant official welcoming, all are available just by a phone call from room.

Buffet Breakfast

International cuisine with daily Buffet breakfast and additional delicious, regular and specialized menus is a complementary service for our valued guests.

Indian Food

Hotel lake view plaza offer you a lot of Indian food item,A complete Indian food menu that only you can find in hotel lake view plaza,some food item are below:
Alu gobi,Alu matar,Barfi,Beef Vindaloo,Butter chicken,Carrot Halwa,Chaat papri,chana dal,chanamasalla,chapati,chicken65,chicken biriyani,chicken tikka,chili chicken,dal makhani,dhokla,ldili,coriander chutney.lamb kebabs,lamb vindaloo,lime pickle,malai kofta,masalla dosa,dosa,mashoordal,medu vada,naan,Navratan Korma,onion pakura,papadum, pulao,raita,rajma,ros malai,rojan josh, saak paneer,paneer masalla,paneer curry,sambar,samosa,Uthapam ,tandori chicken,Vegetable Jalfrezi,Etc

Continental Food

Hotel lake view plaza offer you a various of continental food, Continental food refers to the kind of food eaten in European countries. Though foods from America, England, Australia and New Zeeland have their own distinctive features, as a whole, the food from all these countries is famous as continental food. It is also known as international are some food item:
BBQ Buffalo Wings

Srimps Crispers,Cheese Roll,CHili Tex Mex Con Carne,Spring Rolls,Classic Nachos,Onion Rings,Mozzarella Sticks,Garlic Bread,Hummus,Calamari Strips,Chips and Salsa,Potato Wedges,Bruschetta,Peppered Chicken gizzard,Peppered Snail , Chilli Chicken,Fried Chicken,ChickenEscalope ,Chargrilled Chicken. Club Sandwich,Beef Fillet,Chicken Sub,Tuna Buna,Ham and Cheese,Sausage Chicken,Beef Fajita,Chicken Fajita. ,Chateau Brignon ,T Bone Steak Fillet Mignons ,Rib Eye ,Prime Ribs

Thai & Chinese Food

Hotel lake view plaza offer you a lot of Thai and chines food item,here you can find your favorite dishes: B.B.Q Shrimp,Egg roll,fried wontons,fried shrimp,moo satay,mee grob,egg flower soup,thai wonton soup,tom yam shrimp,tom ka kai,yum voon sen,larb beef,cucumber salad,spicy curry,spicy bell paper,ginger root,broccoli,garlic paper,kung pao,panang,mint leaf,orang chicken, shrimp fried rice,combination fried rice,pineapple fried rice,spicy fried rice,pad voon sen,lad na,kua kai,pad ki mow,pad seew,pad thai,teriyaki chicken,teriyaki chicken broccali,teriyaki chicken cabbage,sweet and sour
shrimp,spicy shrimp,garlic shrimp,

Bangladeshi Food

Hotel lake view plaza offer you a lot of bangladeshi food item,here you can find:plain rice,fish(hilsha,ruhi,small fish Etc)alu vorta,bagun vorta,potol vorta,fishg vorta,lal shak vaji,palon shak vaji,seasonal vegetable,biriyani(beef,chicken,mutton)lassi,kheer, singara,puri,etc